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Inspiring Rebirth And Growth Through Scripture


Who Should Attend?

  • Normal Couples, doing fairly well who just want to spruce up their relationship

  • Couples currently considering separation or divorce because of marriage problems.

  • Couples whose marriages are in crisis troubled and in need of help.

  • Couples who want to understand each other and communicate at intimate levels.

  • Couples who want to understand each other and communicate at intimate levels.




What issues are explored and worked on?

  • Control struggles, Bossiness, Anger

  • Roles, Rules, and Boundaries which are not appropriately defined

  • Unkindness, Insensitivity, Anger, Complaining

  • Romantic, Affectionate and/or Sexual Attention lacking  

  • Feelings Unimportant in the relationship = Feeling not “special”

  • Financial inappropriateness, stress, and uncertainty

  • Outside problems or interference with family or friends

  • Betrayal, Dishonesty, Infidelity, Cheating partner, Pornography

  • Addiction and Codependency

  • Health, hygiene, household neglect

  • Irresponsibility, Disrespect

  • Domestic violence



Our ONE LOVE – ONE HEART Workshops Help couples to:

  • Become ONE (“and the two shall become one flesh”)

  • Overcome  the negative past  experiences each of you may have had so as to move forward and have a wonderful future together

  •  See how each of you can get what you want, but especially what you need from your relationship.

  •  Establish a pathway to develop more love for each other than you thought possible, no matter what you feel for each other now.


Understand the three essential forms of marital love:

1) AGAPE  (grace/ unconditional),  

2) PHILOS  (friendship)  

3) EROS (erotic)

  •  Change the way you interact with each other: A Complete Communication              Overhaul

  •  Decrease tension

  •  Increase true understanding and how to apply the Word of God to your                  relationship


Gives New Perspective About:

  • Yourself

  • Your spouse

  • Your marriage

  • Your future

  • Your relationship with God, and how it affects your relationship with each other.





Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.  Corinthians 13:7

"Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

Galatians 6:2 

Course Highlights

Effective communication with children, teenagers, adults and with all others with who conflicts may arise.

Establishing firm boundaries serve to empower each person to take personal responsibility for how they think, talk and act.


We seek to develop

communication and coping skills with which to resolve conflicts and establish permanent solutions to problems.





Relationship Workshops for Christian Couples

Whether your marriage or relationship is in crisis or simply on a journey toward a higher level of love and understanding, our "One Love – One Heart” workshop is an invaluable class. It will explore better ways to communicate, eliminate negative habits, remove blocks that keep you disconnected, and ultimately help to create greater intimacy. This eight-week class will strengthen your bond by establishing new pathways to building respect, trust, understanding, mutual support and romance in ways that will build upon the spiritual nature of romantic relationships.

At these seminars, we are Inspiring Rebirth and Growth through Scripture and the Holy Spirit. These workshops and seminars are informative, interactive and fun. We feature exercises in communication and character development which teach and inspire making good choices, based on God’s Word!















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