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"I believe therapy should start with soul  by combining tradtional  effective  start with the soul by anchroing the foundation for personal growth in spirtually. Our holistic methodologies integrtate traditional psychology with a Christ centered applicational therapy for a deeper more meaningful persoanl experience."




Traditional pyschotherapy focuses entirely on the mind, ignoring the spirtual aspects of human challenges. Most psychologists advocate against the integration of God's influence, leaving out religious vaues and beliefs entirely. At Carlson Counseling, we believe that true mental well being includes contemplation of the mind, spirit, and body. We excercise appropriate application of a blended discipline, offering a spirtual foundation only when it fits within the core values of the patient. Then and only then, do we move from 'person' based therapy to 'God' based therapy. We recognize that spirtuality is a very personal issue and we are committed to non-judgement, respecting the beliefs and values of our patients. In doing so, our practice provides loving support by way of fatih based and/or traditional neuropsychological disciplines.

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